Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inside Mozilla's Firefox 4 Security

Content Security Policy (CSP) system will help to mitigate clickjacking

Open source browser vendor Mozilla is readying an ambitious new release of its Firefox Web browser. The third beta of Firefox 4, set to debut sometime this month, is expected to include more stability, features and performance improvements over earlier versions.

Among the areas that Mozilla is focusing on with Firefox 4 are a number of new security features that it says will make the browser even more secure than earlier versions. The new Firefox 4 browser development comes as rival Microsoft pushes its Internet Explorer 9 platform forward and Google continues to accelerate its Chrome browser development.

One of the new security features in Firefox 4 is the Content Security Policy (CSP) effort.

"Content security policy is focused on Cross Site Scripting (XSS) mitigation so it prevents injected scripts from actually running," Brandon Sterne, security program manager at Mozilla, toldInternetNews.com. "The site gets to declare a policy that the Firefox browser will then apply to the page and then any content that hasn't been blessed by the site won't be loaded or executed."

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