Saturday, April 11, 2009

Facebook's user base hits 200 million

Facebook's population is now higher than Brazil's and Japan's.

In less than eight months, Facebook has doubled its user base by signing up 100 million people from around the world, officially hitting 200 million on Wednesday.

Its population is now higher than Brazil's and Japan's. The ubiquitous online hangout, available only to college students when it opened in 2004, has been growing rapidly since opening up to anyone who wants to sign up. But how long can that continue?

After a meteoric rise, News Corp.-owned MySpace has petered off and now has roughly 130 million active users, according to comScore Inc. Facebook could ultimately plateau as well. After all, while there more than a billion people connected to the Internet, that doesn't mean they all want to be on Facebook.

Source: MSNBC, click here to read original article.

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