Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CommSec - Hackers could trade but not withdraw money

Online share trader CommSec vulnerable to hackers

SECURITY at the nation's biggest online trader has been exposed as wide open to attack by computer hackers. Security flaws at CommSec potentially endangered accounts containing billions of dollars of mum-and-dad investors' money.

After a Herald Sun investigation, CommSec's 1.7 million customers have been strongly urged to change their passwords.
Had any hackers entered the system they would have been able to access the personal details of CommSec's customer accounts and trade in other people's share portfolios. This would potentially have allowed them to manipulate the share market to their advantage.

But hackers would not have been able to withdraw money.
The glitch was discovered by a Melbourne computer programmer, who said even a teenage computer buff with basic cyber skills could break into customers' accounts. Please here to read the news on leading Australian Online news portal.

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