Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Microsoft OS is more susceptible to attacks than other OS?

How to Write a Linux Virus in 5 Easy Steps

It's easy for people to pick at Windows for being prone to virus and malware attacks. It's almost a given belief that if you're running a PC with a Windows operating system, you're much more susceptible to attacks than users with other operating systems.

But let's quickly look at the reasons for this. First, it isn't really Microsoft's fault. It isn't that Windows is technically inferior, it's that the majority of the world runs on Windows. This fact alone is very attractive for any virus coder or exploiter. As a vrius writer, you'd want to attack the majority, not the minority.

Secondly, because the vast majority of the world's computers runs on Windows, everyone from very tech savvy users to the greenest of novices is included in this pool. There are many who are just not as educated--for various reasons--about software and Internet safety. So here we have a huge pool of people, many of which aren't informed. These are two main reasons why a Windows desktop is the prime target for attacks.

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