Monday, February 23, 2009

Hackers have been spreading malicious PDF Files

Adobe zero-day flaw already attracting attention

A newly discovered zero-day vulnerability within Adobe's Acrobat Reader is being actively targeted by attackers, warns researchers at Symantec Corp.

Hackers have been spreading malicious PDF Files containing the Pidef Trojan. If a person opens the malicious PDF file, the Trojan attempts to exploit an unpatched processing error in Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 and 9, which results in a buffer overflow.

"Malicious PDFs using this exploit will be detected as Trojan.Pidief.E," Symantec said in a statement. Symantec said it received reports of attacks targeting the vulnerability at government, large enterprises and financial services organizations. Exploit code is circulating in the wild in the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan and the U.K.

Please refer here to read full details and click here to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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