Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Facebook and Extortion?

Hackers ripping off Aussie Facebook users

Hackers are hijacking the profiles of Australian Facebook users and attempting to extort money from their friends using a bogus story about being mugged in London.

Ninemsn has spoken to four Facebook users whose accounts have been hacked — three in the past week — and evidence suggests more have been targeted.

In each instance, the attack followed the same pattern. First the person's user name, password, alternative email address and other details were changed. The scammers then assumed the user's identity and contacted scores of people, claiming to be stuck in London after being mugged at gunpoint.

It is not clear where the fraudsters are based, if the same people are behind all of the attacks or how the accounts were initially compromised but the London suburb of Kentish Town is mentioned in several exchanges.

At least one person fell for the sophisticated scam and sent cash through to the hackers via a Western Union money transfer.

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