Monday, June 23, 2008

How to become Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) ?

Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager (CPISM)

Many of my friends asked me how they can become a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)? Here is the answer provided by Society of Payment Security Professionals.

The Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager (CPISM) is the de facto certification for those within the payment-card industry who want to prove their security and industry knowledge. To prepare for this rigorous exam there are a few documents
available online to assist you.

First there are the CPISM Knowledge Domains.

* Payment card industry structure
* Payment card structure and data
* Payment card transaction processing
* Compromise fraud statistics and trends
* Merchant risk analysis
* Laws and the regulatory environment
* Payment card security programs
* Third party relationships

Check online for the following documents at the
Society of Payment Security Professionals(SPSP):

* CPISM Overview Document
* CPISM Bibliography
* CPISM Study Guide

I am not in a big favour of certifications. I believe in technical experience, skills and knowledge of the individual. But, if you don't have a platform to start with then certification would be the right way to step into that particular domain.


Anonymous said...

certifications are valuable even for those with experience in the field since they show a commitment to continued learning in the field and often seperate you from others in a job seeking process. some certs are entry level & meant to help you "break into" a field - simply by studying for it you learn quite a bit. Other certs show advanced knowledge and skills have been sought/obtained.

Anonymous said...

Is CPISM is scrapped? If yes then which other certification has replaced it?