Friday, June 20, 2008

Australia's most gullible

Top victims of cybercrime?
Australians experience one of the highest levels of cybercrime in the world, according to a new survey — but are Aussies really such easy targets?
A survey of computer users in Australia, the US, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic and Brazil ranked Australia as having the "highest incidence of cybercrime in the world" only a week after the Federal government launched its Stay Smart Online campaign.

Results of the study — which surveyed 1000 users from each country — showed that just over 39 per cent of Australian respondents identified themselves as victims of cybercrime, ahead of Italy (32 per cent), the US (28 per cent), Czech Republic (24 per cent), Brazil (22 per cent), Germany (20 per cent), France (19 per cent), Spain and Sweden (14 per cent each).

The study, commissioned by security vendor AVG, found that Australian's were most likely to be victims of online crimes such as fraudulent email scams (14 per cent), phishing (10 per cent) and credit card fraud (5 per cent).

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