Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Working the security drama queens.

Queens Wear Brown....

The Vista laptop also went down, the fault of Abode. The irony of Adobe being at fault is only compounded by the LookingGlass vendor of the week last week being Adobe. No NX, No ASLR, unsafe libraries, no cookie Adobe.

Only the Mac faithful could take something like a Macbook being hacked and turn it into a commerical for Apple products. It seems as if the Macalope is stumping for a job as Apple's Chief Security Officer or as Obama's running mate, I can't decide which.

"Plus, you hack it, you keep it. So, sure, everyone's trying to hack the Air."

He seems to imply that the only reason people were hacking Macs were they get to keep them. Since not everyone can live without the faux sexiness that is Apple, of course someone will find a way to go home with that hardware. He also goes on to explain the only reason "security researchers" are paying attention to Mac is that they are cool and we are not.

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