Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Blog is PCI Certified by Scanless PCI

Get PCI Certified for free....

Jeremiah Grossman has posted a very interesting post about getting PCI Certified for free.

Scanless PCI is faster and less intrusive to deploy, yet is as effective as competitive solutions for a fraction of the cost.

I qoute from Jeremiah's post:

Scanless PCI claims they’ve found a unique (patent-pending) way to certify merchant websites with no-setup, no technology changes, and at absolutely no cost! Sounded too good to be true so I investigated their website. To my amazement I left the site completely convinced that their offering is every bit as effective at stopping hackers as other ASVs we’ve discussed here in the past. Their process was so straight forward I figured there was no excuse for my blog not to be PCI Certified as well. Check out the right side column, compliance was zip zap!

I encourage everyone to jump on board and give the service a try.

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