Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why Can't We Get The BAD Guys?

What can be done...?

In the face of growing organized malfeasance online, what can and should individual organizations, local and national law enforcement, and the greater global cyber-community do? Stay vigilant on the micro level and get organized on the macro level.

That means enacting state-of-the-art security practices: harden your network, defend your perimeter to the death, adopt a layered approach to security internally, continue with filtering best practices, consider data-level encryption where appropriate (both in transit and at rest) and get a better picture of your networks' true reach.

Bigger picture, companies need to begin working within their respective industries and with local, state and national law enforcement to share information that can help detect organized activities.

"Right now the problem is that the bad guys talk with one another better than the good guys do. We need to share resources and information a lot better way than we do."

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