Sunday, December 16, 2007


Send Message Keep Secret

Cryptograf is a mobile based software which helps you to encrypt your SMS and MMS.Allows users to send encrypted and digitally signed SMS and MMS on widely available Symbian smartphones. User experience of mobile messaging with CryptoGraf is simple when encrypting messages to send...or when decrypting received messages. Users generate their own private encryption key and save the corresponding public key (for distribution) as a standard secure digital certificate.

The Art and Science of Ensuring the Security and Integrity of Messages

In Greek "grafo" means write.

Cryptography related technologies, for privacy protection, have been available for use on computers for a long time. People have been sending encrypted email messages for more than 10 years. It's about time for technical innovations to make cryptography usable on the mobile phone. Currently, use of crypto for business and trade has overtaken the volume of crypto used by governments and military combined. Crypto is now used to encode satellite television signals, protect banking and ATM networks, and almost every purchase done over the internet.

More Information: CryptoGraf and Software Download: CryptoGraf Download

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