Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yahoo Booters Can Crash Your Mobile Phone!

How Is It Possible through Yahoo! Messenger? Well, It is possible..

Before you read this post, I am assuming that you already understand what a yahoo booter is?, and how it works?. If you don’t even know anything about Yahoo Booter , you may describe Yahoo Booter as a program that uses some Yahoo ID that acts as BOTS to Flood a victim’s yahoo messenger ID by sending / bombing it with “BUZZ”, Private Messages , etc. The main reason for booters to do that is of course to make the victim’s IM CRASHED / or even cause the Computer system will be CRASHED.

Nowadays, many people start using IM on their Mobile Phone (such as HUTCH, etc) right? Ok, you must now have had a clue of what I amm trying to tell you in this article, the idea of this article is to try attacking a victim who uses mobile IM. Will Yahoo Booter just work as usual as it works on the PC? Well, my friend had it tried. And it totally worked! (in this article i won’t publish any cellphone’s Brand of what the victim was using) It didn’t only crash the IM software , but also the whole system of the mobile phone got Crashed! and it’s really hard to be fixed. OMG , that’s cruel .. don’t you ever try this sh*t.

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