Friday, May 24, 2013

BYOD is here to stay, Why?

Should enterprise adapting to an increasingly mobile world?

Statistics from major BYOD surveys and analysts over the last year shows that the BYOD trend is strong and will only get stronger. There are already 1 billion smartphone users around the world, with 1.3 billion smartphone and tablet sales expected in 2013.

Employees are using their personal smartphones for work all over the globe. However, the trend is strongest in high growth countries, such as Brazil, Russia and India, and among the youngest workers. Employees bring their own devices because they believe they let them do their jobs better, they like the flexibility to work when they want, and they prefer to carry a single device for work and personal use. Even knowing the security risks and that their companies might be watching their online activities, isn’t stopping this trend. 

IT departments are paying attention. They are aware of the growth of BYOD and are mostly positive about it. High growth countries and the US are more positive and providing the most support. While most IT departments have been supporting BlackBerry and Apple devices, many are realizing the need to support Android and Windows Mobile as well. Not surprisingly, the most popular business applications being used on mobile are email, web browsing, contacts and calendars, however more than half of IT departments report mobile apps being used for office applications, task and project management, social media, sales force automation or CRM as well. 

By embracing the rise of BYOD and enterprise mobility, 2013 presents the opportunity for IT to change their role from service providers and technology partners to leaders and business strategists. By taking the initiative and working closely with all areas of the business, IT can lead the company into the New Age of enterprise mobility – enabling increased productivity and operational efficiencies, securely, and cost-effectively. 

See below A Visual Display of the Current State of BYOD 2013:

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