Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How To Protect From ATM Traps

Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the ATM

Crooks around the globe are using new (and improving) technology to steal your information right at the ATM - and right under your nose. With a variety of devices - from tiny surveillance cameras to look-alike keypads to card readers - these criminals are able to get at your account number, your PIN and really any other kind of details they'd like (even what you look like or the kind of car you drive).

Because these criminals are no dummies, they often target ATMs off the beaten path, in places rarely checked by the network operator or without much traffic or people around. If you must use an ATM in a desolate location, be aware of anything that looks hinky. That scratched up card reader or loose keypad may just be evidence of a planted skimming device. Abandon the machine and try to find another.

ATM Traps

Quite a few financial institutions have built mobile apps designed to help you locate ATMs. Consider downloading one (from the financial institution itself!) if you need to find ATMs in out-of-the-way locations.

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