Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's your responsibility to protect your data on Facebook!

Marketers are Dying for Your Facebook Data

...and Facebook wants to help them get it. In fact, the social network giant -- now under pressure from stockholders to produce revenue -- has developed new functionality designed to help advertisers better find you on Facebook.

So long as you have voluntarily given your phone number or email address to a company, that company can now use it as a means for searching and locating you on Facebook.

Be sure to check and update your settings on Facebook (and other social sites), as new functionality is added frequently, threatening your assumption of privacy online. Speaking of Facebook, be sure you are aware of another change that could result in having your emails sent to Facebook.

In June, Facebook changed everyone's email address visibility settings to hide the email addresses we purposefully shared with friends, leaving just addresses.

For folks who did not change this back, and for folks using the new iPhones, running iOS 6, this could result in having the preferred email addresses being replaced by addresses...and having sensitive information saved to the Facebook systems (a far-from-secure system to keep email messages). 

See more about it here.

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