Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Enable Do Not Track Feature In Web Browsers

How to enable the “Do Not Track feature” in a web browser, you are using?

You may not be aware about the all the modern web browser you are using, is tracking your every single details which might not be put to a good use, good or bad, not sure, but how would it feel if someone follows your every single click, every web page you are surfing, every single details you are entering somewhere and what it could mean, even I’m not sure.

But there are some features and settings which might put a stop on all these activities, a simple setting, a user have to tweak in order to enable the Do Not Track Feature. Most of the modern web browser supports “Do Not Track” Feature, it’s just you’ve to enable for it to work.

Let’s start with Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in setting which you can enable Do Not Track feature in Google Chrome, but there are so many Google Chrome Extensions which you can use to add “Do Not Track” feature to it. So, simply use this Google Chrome extension to avoid any kind of web tracking. Just make sure you are using the latest Google Chrome web browser, at-least 17 or later. Add it, enable it, and you are free from spying.

Enable Do Not Track Feature In Mozilla Firefox

We don’t need any Add-on to enable Do Not Track feature in Mozilla Firefox. Just follow this quick tweak in Mozilla Firefox privacy settings and you are done. That’s the beauty of it.
  • Click on Firefox button.
firefox options tab
  • Move over to Options.
options tracking mozilla firefox
  • Under the Privacy Tab, check that box beside that says “Tell websites I do not want to be tracked”. Ok, and there you are, a free bird.

Enable Do Not Track Feature In Internet Explorer

internet explorer
To add that feature in Internet Explorer, visit this Do Not Track Test Page, and under the heading that says “To express your preference not to be tracked in IE9”, click on that link. Make sure you are clicking that using Internet Explorer 9.
tracking protection internet explorer

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