Friday, March 16, 2012

Smartphone Security

5 Tips To Secure Your Smart Phone!

Smartphones are wonderful, yet rife with privacy pitfalls. Here are five quick tips for making your device less prone to a hacker attack.
  1. Do not download apps from unknown sources. Only download those from the official app stores sponsored by the smartphone manufacturers, as they are typically more secure.

  2. Control your location settings. To make your location as protected as possible, turn off all location assessment options.

  3. Before installing an app, be sure to read the Permissions screen. Note where your data is going to be stored. The most secure apps are those that only store data on your device, or store a minimal amount on the vendor systems, and those from vendors that do not share your app data with third parties.

  4. When you no longer use an app, remove it from your phone. An app-happy friend recently realized she had more than 185 unused apps on her device - many of which were tracking her whereabouts.

  5. Encrypt your smartphone data. Many apps inspect your smartphone data storage areas, and the unscrupulous ones will copy what they find interesting and/or valuable.

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