Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DDoS Testing Methodology

A methodology to measure the resiliency of network infrastructure against DDoS and botnet attacks

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are rampant, successfully targeting Fortune 100 businesses, not to mention government, news media, communication and financial networks throughout the world. It has become more important to assess network equipment and application servers using these same attacks. Only through realistic attack simulation can organizations visualize their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure and how resilient these elements are when under attack.

DDoS Testing Methodology

BreakingPoint has created a definitive DDoS testing methodology that creates a variety of attacks to help users find their network weaknesses before others do. Such attacks include the following:
  • DDoS designed to consume all available bandwidth, all disk space or all available CPU cycles

  • DDoS designed to disrupt important information flow such as routing tables by injecting false routes, thus causing packets to be misrouted

  • DDoS designed to break the physical layer of the network and obstruct the communication between the end-point and the user

  • Botnets designed to send large quantities of unsolicited e-mail to trigger Delivery Server Notifications to spoofed originating email addresses
To download the methodology please refer here (registration may be required)

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