Monday, October 31, 2011

Borders Sells Personal Information

'About Face' Could Violate Your Privacy

Once spirited rivals, Borders and long-time competitor Barnes & Noble are now doing business together. That business? Your personal information.

If you were a Borders customer who allowed the national bookstore to store your personal information, there is a good chance that information may soon belong to Barnes & Noble. And we're not just talking your name and address. We're talking things like your credit card number - and even more personal yet - your purchase history.

If sharing this information with yet another store in general, or with Barnes & Noble in particular, doesn't sit well with you -- or you do not want your purchase history to become part of perpetual history by being passed along to another bookseller -- be sure to opt out by visiting the Barnes & Noble website.

But hurry. You only have until Nov. 2, 2011 to tell them no.

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