Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hackers masked as Team Gmail

Email claiming to be an official communication from Gmail is collecting account details to modify your web identity

If you have a Gmail account and happen to receive a mail claiming to be from the Gmail Team, asking for details like your password, date of birth and nationality, do not respond. It is a new trick adopted by hackers to fool the users.

The mails say that Gmail is working on total security on all accounts and for this, they require all Google members to verify their accounts with Google. It asks the user to click on the reply button and fill the information in the fields given within seven days of receiving the mail in order to prevent closure of their mail accounts.

A Google official said, “This is a phishing attempt. At Google, we take account safety very seriously and provide a number of features to help users avoid being hacked. We have a series of educational blog posts on choosing a smart password, Gmail account security tips and how to avoid getting hooked.”

Phishing schemes are a common method used to trick people into sharing their sensitive information. This is not a breach of Gmail security, but rather a scam to get users to give away their personal information to hackers. To keep your Google account secure, we recommend that you enter your Gmail sign-in credentials only to web addresses starting with https://www.google.com/accounts and never click on any warnings your browser may raise about certificates,” he said.

“One thing you have to be sure of is that Google or Gmail will never ask you to provide this information in an email. If the message asking for it claims to be from us, don’t believe it.

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