Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apple customers have no privacy under new policy

Apple privacy policy is the latest in a series of privacy related issues

Unexpected new privacy rules give Apple and its associated “partners and licensees” the legal right to track, monitor, and store the whereabouts of its customers in real time. Users who do not agree to these draconian measures are prohibited from downloading from the iTunes store.

Apple says that its customers' consent to tracking improves service, although it leaves questions about privacy, security, and safety unanswered.

In spite of a pledge to keep data anonymous, Apple customers have no reason to believe they have any privacy or anonymity. Studies at the University of Texas have demonstrated that customers can be identified by their behavior even when their names are not explicitly stated. Even worse, Apple customers are not told why they are being tracked or who is tracking them.

Refer here for more details.

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