Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Second Windows 7 activation hack appears

Bypass Activate” Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Forever

Windows 7 has been available on Bittorrent sites pretty much from the get go. Most of the torrent ISOS available right now are already cracked, bypassing entirely the need to enter a Windows 7 key. But that method involves using a script to hack in an OEM key, which allows Windows 7 — barring any surreptitious Microsoft updates — to run on any machine.

That’s working well enough for now, but hackers are always interested in trying to beat the same game from a different position, so a new Windows 7 activation hack has just shown up. It doesn’t require an OEM key at all. Instead, it simply bypasses the verification DLL completely.

It works by nuking the verifying sppcompai.dll from orbit, and even goes so far as to decativate any reminder popups that might otherwise annoy, reminding you indefinitely to activate your copy of Windows 7.

This is probably a short-lived hack, though. A similar activation hack came out for Vista a couple of years ago, and Microsoft was able to patch it up without much problems. According to My Digital Life, the reason the Windows 7 hack might work right now is “due to leniency… on the part of Microsoft on [the] activation mechanism to avoid getting too many false-positives.”

In other words, Microsoft’s just biding its time right now before dropping the hammer on this activation hack. The only question is, when they finally decide to do so, whether that’ll drop the hammer on the OEM hack as well.

Refer here for more details.

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