Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hackers used Michael Jackson to hijack Sydney website

Global Michael Jackson spam storm

A Sydney radio show has been caught up in a global Michael Jackson spam storm, after its website was hijacked in a bid to infect users with malware.

Cyber criminals hacked into the web server of Beatz Radio, a weekly dance music show that airs on Friday nights on FM 99.3, and used the site to host a file that purported to be unseen videos and pictures of Jackson. But the file was actually a password-stealing trojan that surreptitiously loads itself on to the victim's computer and sends back to the hackers a log of every keystroke made.

Links to the bogus YouTube clip were then sprayed out across the world as part of an email spam campaign that sought to exploit the immense interest in Jackson following his death. But Beatz Radio chief Tim Little had no idea until he was contacted by AusCERT, the national Computer Emergency Response Team for Australia.

My advice, don't click on any videos until you are fully satisfied that the website is trusted and most important keep your computer upto date with anti-virus, security patches and anti-malware softwares.

here to read more details.

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