Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4,000 Viruses in a month? Are we all using Anti-Virus?

Nearly 4,000 new viruses recorded in October

Up to 3,910 new types of computer viruses were recorded in Vietnam in October, including 3,905 of international origin and 5 of domestic origin.

According to the leading networks security agency in Vietnam, BKIS Network Security Centre, the bugs attacked more than 6.2 million computers in Vietnam during October. The most popular virus is X97M.XFSic, which infected over 73,000 computers.

BKIS said in October, 50 websites of Vietnamese companies and agencies were hacked. Of them, 24 sites were attacked by Vietnamese hackers and 26 by foreign hackers. BKIS also unveiled serious errors in websites of 11 businesses and government agencies.

According to BKIS, there is a new method of infection for virus to affect computers, which has swindle anti-virus software and resulted in the loss of standard files of the operating system. The users, thus, have to reset the whole system.

BKIS counted 92 new types of viruses which employed this way of infection and they attacked 41,600 computers in Vietnam.

All I can say, we need to make sure, we are using up to date anti-virus to protect ourselves from all these up coming threats plus make sure we are regularly backing up our data.

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