Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wabisabilabi expanding their business in more unethical way...

Wabisabilabi puts 'zero day' shield into UTMs

I recently come across an interesting news that WabiSabilabi joined hands with UTMs and they will be using the "Zero Day Threats" into UTMs hardwares.

I quote from the article:

According to Roberto Preatoni, the company's chief technical officer, the original researchers of these flaws will be rewarded as subscribers pay for updates to the database, in essence earning them ongoing revenue.

"No more ‘one shot peanuts' as the researchers used to get as a treatment from the traditional hardware/software security producers; as long as their signatures will be useful, they will keep cashing money," he said.

If i understand this correctly, this means bad guys can sell the vulnerabilities of the copyright software plus they will get monthly loyalty subscribers pay?

I quote again from the news:

The company also planned to create a portal to allow researchers to sell their vulnerabilities directly to OneShield customers, he indicated.

If monthly subscibers pay is not enough, you can even directly sell the vulnerabilities to the customers.

Is this some kind of Internet Italian Mafia bringing their unethical principals in our security industry? In the eyes of world, they are trying to help researchers but in real sense they are supporting them!

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