Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is Chrome a security risk?

Good post about Google Chrome

My lovely bride of 30 years worked from home yesterday, hoping to save our city some gas.

An e-mail came in from her administrator around mid-day which she decided to share with me. It told all users to shut down Chrome.

The e-mail called Chrome a security risk. It told all users within the company to use Firefox or Internet Explorer, to shut Chrome down. I don’t know how serious those concerns are. Without identifying my wife’s employer I will say it’s a conservative company, very security conscious, and often proactive. But this is a good time to ask how well Chrome is doing. Google Analytics says 1 in 40 visits to ZDNet Open Source are now done with Chrome. It’s currently on build 2200, Version (Click the wrench, then the About tab.)

Refer here to read full post on ZDnet Blog.

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