Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smart Phones / Mobile Phones data could be compromised

Bluetooth User Data Could Be At Risk

As you drive with Bluetooth connected to your smart phone, you might be putting your personal data in danger. Think of it this way.
  • The hands free law gave the Bluetooth industry real teeth.

  • The Bluetooth headsets are not just for geeks anymore.

  • We're all expected to drive around with them now.
But when we turn on our cell phones, we send our private data out into the world too. Joris Evers of security company McAfee had this to say. "You're opening doors for people to come in." He says your WI-FI enabled smart phone, like your laptop, is at risk from hackers who want to get their hands on your data.

"The scariest scenario is someone will, through Bluetooth, be able to access your phone, and take any data on your phone, pictures, music, any email on there," explained Evers.

Most of us leave our Bluetooth devices open and unprotected. That leaves our data vulnerable, just like an open WI-FI signal on a laptop. But it's easy to close off your Bluetooth, and protect your data.

"I can turn my Bluetooth on when I'm in my car, use it with my headset, then turn it off when I get out of my car," said Evers. One switch on your phone, and your data is safe, no matter how long you talk.

Best advice is just click "hidden" on your Smartphone when you hook up your Bluetooth headset.

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